Why buy health insurance?

Health insurance is not an expense. It is an investment.

Health or Travel insurance is something you buy with the hope that you will never need it to use it in the future or at least for nothing serious.

Customers are always interested in health insurance policies with value for money.
But, the cheapest option is not necessary the best.

Throughout our 35 years of experience in the health insurance field with International Private Medical Insurance Providers/Companies, we have concluded in some key facts that customers should always consider when choosing a health and/or travel insurance policy:

Peace of mind. Offer yourself and your loved ones, access to the best medical services. Thus, choose a Provider offering freedom of choice: for doctor, hospital and country of treatment.

Flexibility. Make sure that your Health Insurance Provider can look after you, in the same way, wherever you are in the world.

The sooner the better. Get insured as early as possible. Being of good health, gives you the privilege to choose among plenty of insurance options.

Improve your existing cover. Use your private Health or Travel Insurance Policy to improve any existing Company (usually ending upon retirement) or State Health Insurance.

Protect your savings. Medical costs are constantly rising and your Health Insurance Policy should protect you from going out of pocket.

Added value. Search for Benefits & Services that make the difference: e.g. e-services such as submitting your claims online, 2nd medical opinion, online doctor services, worldwide direct settlement of your claims, unique benefits such as cover for mental health etc.

Pay the “right” premium. Your health or travel insurance premium should not be too expensive so that you can afford future premium increases but at the same time not too little because this will most likely mean that you either have few benefits and/or high deductible / contribution towards your medical costs.

Have the support you need. Seek advice from a registered professional and experienced Insurance Intermediary in Health and Travel Insurance who will also be able to assist you and guide you in making the right decision and in matching your insurance needs and expectations. This does not cost anything to you but it can make things easier and simpler.

In summary, you may find useful the following:

I –

International – Worldwide access to quality medical treatment

N –

Network – Broad access with Direct Settlement options

S –

Soon – Get insured as soon as possible

U –

Upgrade – improve your existing Company or State Insurance

R –

Reliable – Rest assured you are well covered with no sudden, unexpected, expenses

A –

Added Value – Services, Benefits, Expertise that make the difference

N –

Near you – wherever you are in the world, your Policy will cover you in the same way

C –

Cost – Pay the “right” premium – not very expensive not very low

E –

Expert – Experienced Insurance Intermediary

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